Martina Kraemer born and raised in Munich, Germany.

1984 -2000 living in the USA. Several years working in US film industries and media business.

Since 2001 living and working in a community outside of Munich, Germany, here she has been taking a wide variety of specific courses and art classes in painting and drawing and became part of Gerd Scheuerer's Art Project , called "Projekt-Kunst-Raum". First exhibition with this group in Munich 2006, followed by several other group-exhibitons until today.

March 2007- January 2010 attendance of the "Painting Academy" in Munich , 6 semester of drawing with the artist and teacher Gerd Scheuerer.

Over the years photography became another tool for creativity. Paintings and fotos were combined to new digital compositions. A remarkable series of mixed artwork called "Digital Collages" developed.

" Creativity is my steady companion in life, it nurishes the passion for innovation and different ways to go ". MK